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Carolina Clean Diesel provides the Carolina’s with exceptional DPF cleaning and restoration capabilities. Since 2008, diesel engines have been equipped with filtration systems designed to prevent harmful emissions from entering the atmosphere. These filters act as a “trashcan” to catch the soot generated by the engine. For the last 10 years, Carolina Clean Diesel has been a pioneer in the DPF service industry, and always looking to provide the best and most thorough cleaning services around. Our coverage area operates from Greensboro to the Coast of North Carolina and from Richmond, VA all the way into Florence, SC. Please don’t hesitate to call with your questions regarding particulate filter cleanings and all the services we provide. Let us show you what sets us apart from other DPF Cleaners and present to you the true meaning of clean!
Most Other Cleaners use a 3-stage cleaning process revolving around pneumatic cleaning and thermal regeneration. Our processes utilize the highest level of aqueous cleaning that provides the most reliable and consistent results. Our aqueous cleaning removes the most harmful and detrimental contaminates to your emissions system ensuring that you will have many stress-free miles ahead of you. Our team is focused on helping you save time and money by providing a quality service and product that will keep your truck out of the shop and on the road.

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Diesel Engine’s 2007 and newer are equipped filters that help reduce exhaust pollution that is emitted from fuel burn off. Trucks, equipment, and passenger cars equipped with diesel engines have these filters designed to greatly reduce the emissions cause by their engines.



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