Diesel Engine’s 2007 and newer are equipped filters that help reduce exhaust pollution that is emitted from fuel burn off. Trucks, equipment, and passenger cars equipped with diesel engines have these filters designed to greatly reduce the emissions cause by their engines. As in any type of filter, these “DPFs” become clogged and require cleaning/replacing.  Carolina Clean Diesel, a branch of Rocky Mount Radiator, has become a pioneer in cleaning, servicing, and replacing these filters. Our process ensures that filters are cleaned as close as possible to OEM standards and can help increase the life-spam of our current filter. We recommend that filters are cleaned annually or more depending on the drive mileage, and adhering to a scheduled maintenance program can help increase fuel mileage, extend the life of your filter, and increase power.

Carolina Clean Diesel is North Carolina’s largest and most state of the art DPF cleaning service. Our thermal-pneumatic process cleans filters quicker and more thorough than any of our competitors in the area. Our trained staff is equipped to clean, repair, and service all types of Diesel Particulate Filters and Catalyst ranging from:

  • Medium Duty Trucks
  • Over the road Class 6,7 and 8 commercial trucks
  • Industrial Equipment
  • AG/Construction Equipment
  • Stationary Genset Filters
  • Forklift
  • Passenger Car and Import Filters

Not only do we clean filters but we also provide data from each cleaning on flow rates, amounts of soot/ash removed from filter, and a thorough check of the substrate condition.

In some cases, filters can no longer be cleaned due to condition of the substrate. These filters are often referred to as cracked and should be replaced. We have an extensive inventory in aftermarket DPFs that meet or exceed OEM standards. Most of these filters come with clamps/gaskets and come with a 2 year warranty no factory defects or failures.

We are also the only experts that can repair filters. We can weld and repair broken or cracked sensor bungs, repair broken filter or catalyst flanges, and install built in service kits to help regular service take less time in the future.

We offer pickup and delivery of DPFs and Catalyst and provide industry best turnaround time on filter cleaning of 24 hours or less.

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